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Fashion Vintage

This is something a bit different for me and the blog – a proper, full-on 1920s look.

The dress

Two years ago, I went along to the Vintage Pop Up Shop, to cover it for Vintage Life (which sadly doesn’t exist anymore).

While I was there, I fell in love with a long, black 1920s-style dress from Gatsbylady, which was reduced from £159 to £49. I bought it, thinking I’d find somewhere to wear it, but alas – I haven’t been anywhere since, and it’s been languishing in my wardrobe ever since (occasionally coming out so I could admire it and stroke it, before putting it back). (more…)

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She Believed She Could

From a young age, we are segmented into those who can and those who cannot. At our school, we did the 12+ exam to see if we were clever enough to go to Grammar school. I wasn’t. Fortunately for me many of my circle of friends weren’t either. But it was one of those early life lessons where you begin to realize sometimes you are not enough. You don’t have the right skills or knowledge, therefore, you end up in the “Can’t Camp”… (more…)

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Trade Show Promotions

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